Moonlight Spirits Pro LWP

Moonlight Spirits Pro LWP

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Beschrijving van Moonlight Spirits Pro LWP

The real live wallpaper with a unique variety of themes and settings!

Continuing the theme, which was a hit for our audience, we present you the new LWP in the genre of magic and mystery thriller in a qualitatively new, shocking performance.

Old castles, musty swamps, mystical ruins, majestic mountains will immerse you in the indescribably mysterious atmosphere.

In this wallpaper there is no warm beach sun, no sakura and dandelions blossom, but a full moon illuminates wild deserted nature, and in the morning it leaves behind only the ominous overcast sky.

Apparent lifelessness of these places is fraught with the hosts of night creatures and any invasion could awaken them, and chilling sound make to believe in the existence of the other world even more.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this product and will

fully experience the atmosphere of mysticism and horor.

GIFT! In anticipation of the upcoming Halloween holiday, we gladly added the new theme - Haunted House!

By purchasing this package you get 9 wallpapers in one pack + really unlimited possibilities of personalization, as well as helping us continue to improve Moonlight Spirits and create new interesting applications for your Android-smartphone.

Before download, please read the list of application's features or watch the trailer.

Unfortunately, we can not test the wallpaper on all devices so if you have any problems operating the Moonlight Spirits Pro or other questions, please contact us atcontact@expedition107.comPackage Features:

- In spite of the wealth of graphics and animation, long battery usage!

- Change of the day and night in 4 modes

+ Always night

+ Always day

+ Day & Night automatically at 7:00 and 20:00 respectively

+ Day & Night at the touch

- 9 unique themes with presets (Gothic, Stonehenge, Castle of Dracula, etc.)

- 12 color schemes

- Psycho-mode, extending the range of color schemes to infinity

- Optional configuration of heavenly bodies, the background creatures, etc.

- Theme lunar vision with the option off

- 5 kinds of beings:

+ Bats

+ Ravens

+ Eagles

+ Owls

+ Chimeras

- Select the creatures invoked at the touch as well as their number.

- Two layers of clouds with the setting of speed and visibility

- 18 different sounds + random sound mode

- Option Quake at the touch

- Parallax effect of basic scene

- Supports portrait and landscape mode

- Supports SD

Visit our page you for choosing Moonlight Spirits Pro!

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